Behind the Bar: Jamil Hyatt at AZ 88

Jamil Hyatt strikes a pose behind the bar at AZ/88.
Jamil Hyatt strikes a pose behind the bar at AZ/88.
Benjamin Leatherman

As a former MC for mostly-defunct Valley hip-hop ensemble Antedote, the gifted lyricist (who went by the moniker Many Pieces) was renowned for his silver-tongued flows and fly rapping ability. These days, however, the 33-year-old has been impressing patrons aplenty at the Old Town eatery and martini bar with his drink-mixing skills and magnetic personality.

"I don't really get frustrated when things get kinda haywire or busy. Some people tend to get flustered when that happens, but I tend to enjoy situations like those a little bit more," he says. "I'm not really one to lose my cool too often."

But as adept as he is at bartending, Hyatt doesn't plan on doing it forever. His main passion in life is music and has been spending his off hours collaborating with fellow local hip-hop artists on a "top secret" EP project that he hopes will lead to greater fame.

"I think I'm one of those guys who'll do a few different things before it's all said and done," he says. "I don't think I'll stay with one thing forever."

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