Big Brains, the Foodie Edition -- Enter to Win $1000!

Hey Smarty Pants. Yes, you. Have you made your nominations yet for our Big Brain Awards?

You've only got another week to go online and tell us who should win $1000 in one of six categories: performing arts, visual arts, film/video, literary, design and food.

Yes, food. We have a dedicated category for foodies. Just started a business, or itching to do it? Got a food blog or a food truck or just a food obsession? We want to hear about it. No idea is too small -- in fact, we're looking for someone we've never heard of, so step forward and make yourself known.

You just might win $1000.

And yes, it's totally cool to nominate yourself. We won't tell anyone. We promise.

No strings attached. Really.


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