BK's New Fire-Grilled Ribs a Dehydrated Disaster

BK's New Fire-Grilled Ribs a Dehydrated Disaster

The lid of the black, shiny box holding the new fire-grilled ribs from Burger King says, "Straight From the Grill." That's an error. It should say, "Left On the Grill."

Introduced on Monday, Burger King's New Fire-Grilled Ribs are tough, chewy, salty, and dry -- and that's with a dunkage of barbecue sauce. Like a mash-up of strange, jerky-like meat and forgotten wedding reception fare, a six-piece combo of these parched pork stalks will cost you $7.69. Want two pieces more? That'll be an extra $1.30. At just a couple bucks less than Chili's or Applebee's ribs with a side, BK's new pork fare is more swindle than sweet.

R.I.P. Burger King Fire-Grilled Ribs. I shan't mourn you. You were already dead when I took a bite.

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