Blast Off (Sorry) with Rocket Burger & Subs!

Blast Off (Sorry) with Rocket Burger & Subs!

Steve Nash (not that Steve Nash) and Dennis Green (no, not that guy either) may share their names with notable sports dudes, but the only athletes these friends and co-owners of Rocket Burger, the Westside's newest fast-food joint, are connected to are the football players of neighboring Moon Valley High (Go Rockets!), where Nash and Green sponsor the team and give the player of the week free grub.

Mural by Howard the Regular
Mural by Howard the Regular

Lucky him. With Nash cookin' up goodies like fried cheese curds and the best-tasting sub deal in the Valley (thanks to some crazy-good homemade cole slaw), and Green helpin' folks choose from over 200 kinds of sodas (63 of them root beers), these two rocket men are ready for lift off. Just ask the Rocket Burger kid, Howard the regular, or me, Fry Girl, via my latest column.

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Rocket Burger and Subs

12038 N. 35th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85029


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