BLT Steak, Roka Akor & Christopher's Team Up for a Gourmet Safari

​When progressive dinner parties (called "safari suppers" by the Brits) fell out of favor in the mid-'80s, we admit we were a little dissapointed. Not that we'd ever been to one. But we grew up hearing about mom's culinary adventures making canapes for the first course, and how tragic it was when Aunt June's Jell-O mold dessert oozed into her white lace tablecloth because all the partygoers had a few too many martinis at the "entree" house and didn't arrive until after midnight. How scandalous!

Turns out the concept is still flourishing in some restaurant circles. Three upscale local eateries -- BLT Steak, Roka Akor and Christopher's -- have teamed up for a Goumet Safari, offered Wednesday and Thursday evenings through October 15. Guests begin with a starter course (Kobe Gunkan, Butterfish Tataki with white asparagus and yuzu shallot dressing, for example) and sashimi at Roka Akor; which if Rene Gutel's recent assessment of their Restaurant Week offerings is any indication, should get the night off to a good start.

Then it's off to BLT Steak at Camelback Inn for appetizers and a seafood course. The night finishes up at Christopher's with main course of either hanger steak, chicken or veggie tart, and cheesecake or Chocolate Tower dessert. Cost for the six-course feast is $89. 



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