Cafe: Guru Palace

Cafe: Guru Palace

What's the cuisine guaranteed to get our salivary glands working over time? Indian food. Just check out what this week's Cafe column has to say about Guru Palace and you'll see what we mean.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Guru Palace:

Chewy, blistered rounds of naan bread were tasty naked or with garlic, but the one filled with cheese and speckled with sesame seeds was even more intriguing. Other breads had good fillings, too, including onion-stuffed kulcha (a puffy, golden, Northern Indian flatbread) and cauliflower-stuffed paratha (a thin, toothsome variety that's pan-fried). Give me a hot cup of chai, some of these breads, and some chutney, and I could almost forget about entrées.

That is, until those dishes actually arrive. Which one is the best? Whichever one I'm eating at that moment...full story


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