Cafe: J&G Steakhouse

Cafe: J&G Steakhouse

After a few weeks of palate put-offs, Food Critic Michele Laudig sinks her discerning fork into some beautiful cuisine crafted by celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at J&G Steakhouse.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on J&G Steakhouse:

Why do I like J&G Steakhouse so much?

For me, this stylish spot successfully navigates the fine line between luxury and accessibility -- no easy feat. Considering the aura around The Phoenician itself, and the intimidatingly high achievements of the chef behind the restaurant (Vongerichten has a global empire of glittering, Michelin-starred eateries), I admit I expected a rarefied dining experience at J&G Steakhouse. Instead, I found the four-month-old restaurant to be sexy but not uptight, sophisticated but not contrived. Service was attentive, professional, and thoughtful. And chef de cuisine Jacques Qualin's cooking was simply delicious...full story


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