Cafe: Kitchen 56

Cafe: Kitchen 56

If there's one food item that can turn us into machines of unbridled consumption, it's bread. So this week's "Cafe" column had us eagerly anticipating a trip to Kitchen 56 in Arcadia right from the mere mention of pan borracho.

Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld on Kitchen 56:

There's much to be said about the rare opportunity to dine in denim with an ahh-inducing view of Camelback Mountain -- too bad I couldn't say a word of it at the table. I was too busy shoveling forkfuls of pan borracho, or drunk bread, a glorious baked concoction of white wine-soaked cubed French bread covered in Parmesan, Fontina, and Pecorino cheeses, into my mouth...full story

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