Cafe: Secreto

Cafe: Secreto

There is a dish that was unknown to us before moving to the Valley. You'll think us deprived (and rightly so) but carne adovada is this recent discovery. Naturally we think it's delicious. The simmering sauce, the fork tender meat; how could we do anything but devour it?

Now we have our sights set on the carne adovada at Secreto in Ahwatukee.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Secreto:

Carne adovada was my favorite, with huge, moist, fork-tender chunks of smoked meat in red chile sauce, slightly browned on the edges from the oven. While I recall Richardson's version was smothered in sauce (and extremely spicy), this was less about the sauce (and, therefore, the spice) and more about the glory of pork. I enlisted my friends to help me eat it, and everyone was more than happy to oblige...full story

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