Caffiend: Crunk Energy

Those unfamiliar with the meaning of the slang word "crunk" may not see the humor in naming an energy drink after the term, but in hip-hop speak, "crunk" means being stoned and drunk -- hardly an "energizing" state of being.

Nevertheless, Crunk Energy is surprisingly refreshing and invigorating. We tried the mango-peach flavor, and it was very juicy (similar to a Hansen's natural soda), minus the strange aftertaste that comes with most energy drinks. The can says Crunk contains "real mango and peach juice," which explains the drink's fruitiness.

As for the energy boost, Crunk's buzz isn't too shabby. Though it contains strange herbs like ashwaganda and horny goat weed (neither of which is particularly known as an energy supplement), the formula also includes a whopping 56 grams of sugar per 16-ounce can and an indeterminate amount of caffeine from guarana. There's also the usual excessive dose of B vitamins in the blend.

Overall, Crunk's formula isn't that different from numerous other energy drinks on the market, but the caffeine boost seems more substantial. Maybe that's because Crunk tastes so good we couldn't even pretend to nurse it.


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