Calabrese Sandwich at Calabria Italian Kitchen

Calabria's tasty Calabrese
Calabria's tasty Calabrese

Calabria Italian Kitchen, the joint that closed its doors on Roosevelt and was replaced by Lola Coffee, has been resurrected in another CenPho location -- the former Cafe LaBella spot at 7th Street and Virginia -- and I'm happy to report that the sandwiches are just as good as ever, still tucked into those soft, dense Italian rolls that I can devour in an shockingly short amount of time. Yes, I can eat a whole sub here, shamelessly.

The place isn't a deli anymore, but it serves deli-style eats in a cafe atmosphere. A friend and I split a Calabrese (chicken cutlet with prosciutto and roasted red peppers) and a Panino (prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and roasted red peppers), and I needed an extra afternoon Diet Coke to keep myself awake in the aftermath of that splurge. 

Calabria ought to be busier than it was when I stopped by yesterday. Perhaps people don't know that there's a parking lot out back? I sure didn't.
The ever-satisfying Panino.
The ever-satisfying Panino.

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