Campus Coffee: Cup'O'Karma Feels Good Going Down

Anti-incest t-shirts, a collection of art, and bedazzled bras form the curious collection of wall-adornments that span Cup'O'Karma's tiny interior. This small coffee joint, which is in the middle of in a strip mall across Southern Avenue from MCC, combines the good feeling of helping others with a good caffeine buzz.

Cup'O'Karma offers a nice place for MCC to chill.
Cup'O'Karma offers a nice place for MCC to chill.
Heather Hoch

Cup'O'Karma is run in a donated building and owned by a non-profit organization called the National Advocacy & Training Network. The ladies who operate the café are members of SEEDs, a domestic violence support organization for women.

Several of the items for sale in Cup'O'Karma come with a message of women's empowerment and activism. While supporting a fantastic cause is admirable, we really came for the coffee.

The Americano was strong, but honestly not the best coffee we've sampled on our quest for college coffee shops. However, the wide array of smoothies and fruity, fizzy drinks made this place unique. If you're looking for a sweet, bubbly afternoon pick-me-up without the mounds of high fructose corn syrup, look no further than the teaberry fizz.

Unfortunately for the ravenous MCC student, the menu at Cup'O'Karma is limited to a few different kinds of bagels. However, they are neighbors to Valley munchies haven Cheba Hut, where Cup'O'Karma customers can get their pot-lingo fix in the order line.

This café offers free wi-fi, couches, tables, and a cool escape from the hot campus sidewalks. Its proximity to the campus alone should have several students stopping by this fall.

We drove out west for Next Coffee Co. and ASU West's campus yesterday, stopped near MCC today, and will head to the Artichoke stomping grounds in Scottsdale tomorrow. Check back for our drive-thru experience at D'lish Kitchen and Coffee House. Make sure to tip your barista!

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