Chili Brule Martini at Lon's at The Hermosa Inn

If you're looking for a tasty sip for those outdoor fire pits that will be lit up this holiday season, try the Chili Brule Martini, served year-round at Lon's at The Hermosa Inn. It's a rich cocktail, sweet from the Gran Marnier and brown sugar simple syrup, but it packs some heat from red chili flakes to keep you warm and toasty. Think of it as a classier alternative to hot chocolate, no microwave required.

The bartender: Nate Derks, bartender at Lon's for 3 years

The ingredients: 1/8 ounce brown sugar simple syrup, 1 pinch red chili flakes, 2 ounces Gran Marnier, 1 ounce Courvoisier VS, 1 ounce ginger ale, juice of half a freshly squeezed lime

How to make it:


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