Chimi Chews: The RecordSetter Book of World Records Authors at Changing Hands Tonight to Set Record for "Most Readers to Share One Chimichanga in a Book Store"

Tonight at 7 at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, the RecordSetters will attempt a new record: Most readers to share one chimichanga in a book store.

It's all part of the schtick associated with the phenom -- which pushes the belief that everyone can be the best at something. (For example, Cameron Diaz has set the record for most bunnies snuggled in a hammock. You get the idea.)

RecordSetters are on a book tour -- promoting The RecordSetter Book of World Records -- and they are going for a record in each city they visit. So apparently this is our thing. A shared chimichanga.

Hey, it could be worse. Macayo's (one of the possible creators of the chimi) is supplying the  fried goodness, and you can chat up the RecordSetter guys, Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson -- who, like many of us -- have long been obsessed with the Guiness Book of World Records.

Oh yeah, and you can pick up a copy of their new book. Bonus: It's in paperback! More economical, and makes for much easier bathroom reading -- important to know, since that's where everyone we know reads the book of records.

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