Chipotle Releases The Cutest Commercial Since Kia's Dancing Hamsters

Chipotle Releases The Cutest Commercial Since Kia's Dancing Hamsters

You may have already seen what I think is the cutest commercial since those adorable hamsters dancing to the black sheep. It's also one of the saddest and most heartfelt commercial that I have seen in a very long time. It's been making its way around design websites over the last couple months and it was actually uploaded by the Chipotle folks back in August 2011. I just saw it yesterday and it seriously made me tear up just a little.

The two-minute ad titled "Back to the Start" and set to a touching Willie Nelson rendition of Coldplay's "The Scientist," sends a strong message about what may become of our food in the near future. It's the Mexican fast-food chain's very first national TV ad and it made its small screen debut Sunday night during the Grammys. Since then it's practically exploded with attention. (Last time I checked it had more then 4.6 million views; it's been called brilliant and people are even saying that the ad "stole the show" during the music awards ceremony)

As far as fast food goes, I have always liked Chipotle for their efforts to use sustainable, "locally" (their definition of local is within a 350 mile radius, which is still pretty good) sourced products whenever possible, their continued efforts to use only naturally raised cattle and chickens, and their 100% hormone free pork. This is huge for a fast company and I hope that other companies will adopted Chipotle's standards.

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