Chow Bella's 12 Most Popular Phoenix Food and Restaurant Stories of 2012

The grand opening of Twin Peaks in Scottsdale
The grand opening of Twin Peaks in Scottsdale
Photo by William Westfall

Can we all agree that we should sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of 2012? If you're like us, you probably need a refill of eggnog and a shoulder massage. While you're sipping that nog, and enjoying that massage (whether imaginary or real) come with us on a tour through the most-read stories of the year -- from breastaurants to sketti. Enjoy your holidays and gird your loins for 2013.

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Twin Peaks "Breastaurant" Opens in Scottsdale, and We're There for the Scenery, Er, Food

By Zachary Fowle

I am a man, and as a fairly typical representative of my gender I enjoy certain things. A large glass of beer. Sports games on high definition TVs. And, of course, breasts, both of the edible chicken and ogle-worthy human variety.

That said, I've never been a frequent visitor to breastaurants, the establishments that cater to these basest of desires. This is for a couple reasons. First, anyone who's lived in the Valley for a while has never wanted for views of scantily-clad ladies, so to mix arousal with a meal always seemed excessive.

​In the same vein, a restaurant that focused on the size of its servers' assets would inevitably pale in comparison to one that hired its staff based on skills and experience with food service. When eating, the food is the thing of import, and no amount of spectacular boobs can make up for a shitty chicken wing.

Read the full story on Twin Peaks in Scottsdale and check out the slideshow here.


Fast Food Chains Stop Using "Pink Slime" and A Quick Look at Your Blood After a Burger

By Shannon Armour

If you haven't seen this picture already, it's your (un)lucky day. It's the dreaded "Pink Slime" -- mechanically separated chicken cleaned with ammonia hydroxide, And according to Internet reports early last year, your McDonald's chicken nuggets were made out of the pink paste.

It turns out that McDonald's nuggets have actually been pink slime-free since 2003 when they switched over to all white, non-mechanically separated chicken parts, but the Golden Arches' burgers still contained a beef variety of the "pink slime." And Burger King and Taco Bell were using the mechanically separated beef, AKA "Finely Textured Lean Beef Trimmings" in their menu items as well.

Get your fill of the pink slime debate here.


Laurie Notaro's Eight Food(ie) Terms Past Their Expiration Dates

By Laurie Notaro

Some people, such as readers of Eatocracy, followers of multiple food blogs, and Food Network devotees, consider themselves as inductees in a special club of "culinary provocateurs" who rise far above the standard chewers of mealtime. So much to the point that as any exclusive rank, they've invented their own language, like twins who didn't eat each other in the womb, or a feral Jodie Foster living secretly in the woods.

Chicka, Chicka, chickabee.

Anyway, here are the most horrific examples of Foodiespeak, gathered from all sources.


11 Things to Eat and Drink Before You Leave Phoenix

By Amy Silverman

Skipping town? You're not alone. Arizona State University's graduation takes place this week -- and once summer hits in earnest, it won't just be the mortar-boarded crowd escaping this Easy Bake. Here's Chow Bella's Bucket List for food and drink in the Valley. Have a favorite we've missed? (Because we could have gone on and on.) Leave it in the comments.

See the full list of must-eats in the Valley here.

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