Chow Bella's Top Phoenix Food Stories of the Week

Every week, there's a cornucopia of Phoenix food news, features, and reviews to report here at Chow Bella. If you're like most people, you probably just don't have the time to get to all of it. It's kind of like those burgers at Old Town Whiskey; it just won't all fit in your mouth ... or in this case, your day. So, here's a recap of some of the top stories from the week that you may have missed.

Conor Favre Leaves Arizona Biltmore for Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa

Geez, the culinary cupboard at the Arizona Biltmore is beginning to look a bit bare. Executive Chef Todd Sicolo flew the coop about a month ago to take Lee Hillson's former position at the Royal Palms. Now executive sous chef Conor Favre is leaving the Biltmore to step into Michael O'Dowd's shoes as executive chef of the entire Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa.

Just as O'Dowd did, Favre will oversee all culinary functions and outlets at the resort -- including Kai, a nationally recognized, Native American-inspired fine dining restaurant, and the only one in Phoenix to have secured five stars from Forbes Travel Guide (formerly Mobil Travel Guide) four years in a row and five diamonds from AAA for seven years running. It's a pretty big deal.

See the full story on Conor Favre's move here.

--Nikki Buchanan

Zagat's 10 Best Restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale Gets Some Right, Overlooks Others

Just in time for the holidays, Zagat, the restaurant review website, has compiled its list of the ten best restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Based on a recent survey of consumer-based ratings and reviews, Zagat's new list of the top 10 spots to dine in Phoenix and Scottsdale includes the expected as well as a couple of surprises. But some restaurants, sadly, are overlooked.

See who made Zagat's 2012 list.

--Laura Hahnefeld

Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Food Geek

What? Not done with your holiday shopping? Yeah, neither are we. But we've been making lists -- and checking them twice -- and we've got some suggestions for the nice people on your list. Introducing Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Food Geek.

Aeropress Coffee Maker:

It's like a French press coffee maker but more or less self-cleaning and much more compact. Load up a filter ($5 buys 350 of them) boil your water (you're using a thermometer for optimal brew temp right? Right?), pour water over grounds, give it a quick stir and press. The company claims you'll press out a cup of espresso. That's not exactly true but you will end up with a coffee concentrate suitable for dilution and immediate consumption or for use in recipes calling for fresh espresso.

See Chow Bella's full gift guid for the food geek in your family.

--Ando Muneno

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