Closed: Cathy's Rum Cake -- All Three Stores and The Bakery, Too


This can't be. How can Cathy's close? Who is going to make the cake for my wedding if I find some sucker to marry me? Damn it. This really puts a wrench in my imaginary plans. 

After almost 37 years in business, Cathy Bua has shut the doors to her long time Valley bakery and is now in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. This is sad on so many levels -- first and foremost because Cathy's were ah-mazing and second because she seemed like such a wonderful woman, the kind of woman you want running a business in our fair state. 

Ah well, such is life. Cathy's Rum Cakes had a good run and according to there's a possibility the rum cake maven might start baking cakes on a small scale once everything is finalized with her now-defunct business. 

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