How can you go wrong with Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers? Well ...
How can you go wrong with Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers? Well ...
Photo by Jackie Mercandetti

Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers Messes With an American Classic

One thing you quickly learn to appreciate when traveling overseas is the beauty of a large, juicy cheeseburger on a soft, warm bun. It's one of those staples that many people could, and do, eat once a week. And what better way to wash it down than with a cold beer? Unfortunately, it seems Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers may have overreached in trying to perfect what's already perfect.

Here's an excerpt from this week's cafe review:

CB&C's sizable menu of American eats -- including 13 burgers, as well as starters, sandwiches, and salads along with categories of sliders, jumbo Kosher dogs, and mac-and-cheese creations -- makes for a lengthy read. And with its hit-and-miss dishes, diners may find the cold beer a complement or simply a way to wash down a mediocre meal.

The signature burgers, as might be expected, are the place to begin -- and they're a hefty lot.

They range from the 1000 Island Burger (with housemade sauce) to gourmet types like the Truffle and Bacon Bleu to real button-busters like the O-Lineman Burger (with grilled cheese sandwiches in place of the bun) and a one-pound-plus monster aptly named the Mammoth Double Burger.

Check out the full review of Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers from this week's print edition.

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