The Grape Nerd
The Grape Nerd

Corissa Croft's Grape Nerd

​Yesterday we met Corissa Croft from Robbie Fox's, a Pittsburgh native who loves the Steelers, sunshine and customers who don't let their Car Bombs curdle. Today she grants us the recipe for the Grape Nerd, a drink that's a little sweet, a little sour, and tastes just like its candy namesake -- plus, vodka!

(recipe after the jump)

The recipe:
1 oz. Three Olives Grape Vodka
½ oz. Watermelon Pucker
½ oz. Sweet and Sour

How to make it:
Mix in a shaker filled with ice and pour into a large shooter glass. Reminisce about days spent playing tee-ball and pantsing other kids at the playground. 


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