Crudo Brings in Fish From Japan

​It's really not hard to get my attention. Just say the secret word: Japan. The other secret word? Seafood.

That's how the guys from Crudo caught my eye this morning, in a newsy little email sent to local media types. 

Chefs Cullen Campbell and Brandon Crouser have decided to start getting weekly shipments of fish straight from the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, and will be showcasing the first catch this week, on Thursday night.

What's on the menu? 

This week, look for madai snapper with Maya's Farm parcel (parsley meets celery) and house-preserved lemons, octopus with green olive gastrique and pinenuts, and madai snapper liver with tomato water vinaigrette and dandelion greens.

Doesn't that sound good? Ever since Sea Saw closed, I've been hungry for exotic seafood done up in a creative way, and this very well may hit the spot.

By the way, if Crudo's new Japanese seafood is enough of a hit, Campbell tells me they'll bump things up to biweekly shipment. Happy eating, seafood fanatics.


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