Dairy Club Offers Fresh Farm Food at Discount Prices

What's better than homemade ice cream in the middle of a late August heat wave? Cheap homemade ice cream in the middle of a late August heat wave.

Lucky for us, Superstition Farms is offering some sweet dairy discounts and exclusives for cow connoisseurs who join their Dairy Club, which folks can now do online.

Pre-order members of the club receive homemade ice cream, fresh churned butter, cheese and milk straight from the cow, and a special "mystery" item made by a local foodie or farmer. Past mystery items have included such tantalizing creations as cherry mint ice cream or mango butter.

Superstition Farms' Web site touts that all these goods are available to members at a discounted rate of $25 and will be prepared the night before pick-up. Members can also purchase fresh farm eggs about $2 cheaper than the regular price.

Items are available for pick-up every other Saturday, along with free product samples -- and who doesn't love free samples?

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