Downtown's Pie Social (A Field Guide)

There's going to be a lot to see and do at the Chow Bella/Roosevelt Row Pie Social today. But more important, there are going to be people on the same mission: Drop off the pies (optional), get the tasting tickets, find the best pies, taste, and repeat. 

Note: Winners of the celebrity pie contest will be announced Monday, November 14 on Chow Bella. 

You might need a little help to boost your pie-eating efficiency ... and figure out where the hell the water (and the milk) is. And that's where we come in. 

Here's a peek at our hints and hot spots for today's Pie Social:
Click on the image (or right here) for a full-size version.
Click on the image (or right here) for a full-size version.
illustration by Claire Lawton

​More hints after the jump ...
Pie Social Basics: 
Time/PlaceNovember 12 at 2 p.m./ 408 E. Roosevelt.
Rain or shine, Pie Social will go on! Rain location will be announced soon, depending on the forecast.

Bring: Two pies or $10 for five tasting tickets.
Rules for community bakers: Be sure to put your name/phone number on masking tape on the bottom of your dishes so we can return them.
NO MEAT OR DAIRY BASED PIES, PLEASE, PER COUNTY HEALTH DEPT. But you can make a variety of pies, including caramel, nut, chocolate or fruit. Butter in the crust is NOT an issue.

Celebrity bakers include: 
Veronica Arroyo, Bourbon Steak
Justin Beckett, Beckett's Table
Tammie Coe, Tammie Coe Cakes
Jessica Cuff, The Coffee Shop
Tracy Dempsey, Tracy Dempsey Originals
Slade Grove, Slade Grove Creative Gourmet
Tim O'Connor, Honey Moon Sweets
Tonya Saidi, Mamma Toledo's Pies and Homemade Desserts
Virginia Senior, Urban Beans
Traci Wilbur, Pie Snob

Eats: Fill up on pie (duh), plus surrounding grub at Jobot, Bliss/ReBAR, Nachobot, and Carly's Bistro. 

Shop: Check out the official Pie Social vendor list on Jackalope Ranch, plus find vintage and handmade treasures at MADE art boutique, Butter Toast, GROWop, and The Lab

After Party: Check out the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts, films and live music at FilmBar, and drinks and tunes at Lost Leaf

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