DownUnder Wines & Bistro is Moving

DownUnder Wines & Bistro is Moving

In their weekly wine newsletter, Roger Carpenter and Phil Roberts announced that they're leaving their current Chandler digs in December and moving their Aussie-themed restaurant, DownUnder Wines & Bistro, to an expanded space in Gilbert (1422 W. Warner, northeast corner at McQueen).

Whether you're into exotic food or delicious Australian wines, the expansion should be welcome news. After all, there aren't many places in the Valley to find grilled kangeroo (Posh is the only other place that comes to mind), ostrich sliders, and crocodile potstickers. As for wines, the selection goes beyond the best of Australia's vineyards, and includes bottles from the top wine regions in the world.

Check out DownUnder's website for more info and to sign up for the newsletter.

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