Epic Fail? National Farmers Market Search

Where are you, my dear market?
Where are you, my dear market?

Okay, I thought this would be a cool new thing to write about, but I think it might actually be a cool new thing to make fun of.

With good intentions, the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced an improved version of its searchable National Farmers Market Directory. It's got a new mapping feature that shows all the existing markets in the area. 

I entered my ZIP code and nothing came up. I entered my workplace ZIP code -- again, nothing. Both spots are within 5 minutes of the Downtown Phoenix Public Market, and that did not show up in the search. Apparently, the directory only gives you results if you are in the same area code as the market itself.

Of course, you can just do a general "Arizona" search, look at all the red pins on the map, and see if any of them are close to you -- and sure, I could see the Downtown market and everything else around the Valley. But it shouldn't be such a blanket search. Why can't it tell me which is the closest market to my zip code?

Sigh . . . 

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