Fight for Ducks at Anti-Foie Gras Protest at the Westin Kierland

We always love a good protest, and who could argue with saving the lives of cute little ducks?

Not the members of the local "End Foie Gras Campaign," which will be taking a stand at the Westin Kierland Resort tomorrow, December 4 at 11 a.m. The Resort serves duck and foie gras at restaurants such as Deseo

Fight for Ducks at Anti-Foie Gras Protest at the Westin Kierland

In case you think foie gras is simply a tasty delicacy, it's actually made by force feeding ducks and geese to create an enlarged liver that has an especially fatty, buttery taste but results in impaired liver function, esophagus scarring and sometimes death for the animals. It's such a controversial practice that it's been outlawed in countries such as Italy, Argentina, Germany and Poland.

Some local restaurants, including Royal Palms Resort and Le Sans Souci, have also joined in the cause and removed foie gras from their menus. Christopher's Restaurant and Crush Lounge, which the group has also protested, retains foie gras on the menu.

The protest will take place on the northwest corner of the Resort, at Greenway Parkway and Kierland Boulevard. For more info, e-mail organizer Dani Thumma at

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