Five of the Most Expensive Cheeses in the Universe

​There's a lot of weird cheese floating around out there on the Internet. But you don't have to be a foodie to know that you can't put just put any old hunk of curdled milk in your mouth.

So for the true cheese connoisseur, we bring you five of the most expensive cheeses in the universe.

5. Gorau Glas
This cow's milk blue cheese is made by Margaret Davies from Dwyran, Anglessy and has the reputation for being the most expensive cheese in the UK. It's won awards all over Europe and is quite labor-intensive to produce, which we guess justifies its $40/pound price tag.

What kind of cheese could possibly ring up at $700 a pound? Find out after the jump.

4. Bitto

A formaggio italiano, Bitto is made from a blend of Swedish Brown cow and orbic goat milk at a minimum altitude of 1,500 meters -- and only between the months of June and September. Wheels of the cheese are brined in saltwater overnight and aged on oak boards for at least two months. It holds a very special place in the hearts of the farmers who continue to make it in the Celtic way that has been passed on for generations. They view Bitto as a symbol of tradition of the dairy industry of the area.

It's the only cheese in the world that can ripen for over a decade, and one of the few that will run you as much as $55.00/pound.

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