Fourth of July-Themed Cocktails from Blue Hound, Gallo Blanco and Old Town Whiskey

God bless the United States of Alcohol
God bless the United States of Alcohol
All photos by Lauren Saria

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In honor of our die-hard patriotism here at Chow Bella, we visited three local bars and asked bartenders to make a single cocktail on the fly -- a drink they'd be proud to pour on the Fourth of July. So go ahead, throw that overrated backyard barbecue. Invite Grandma and the neighbors. Don't even worry about what you throw on the grill, because you'll shine like 50 stars once your guests taste these drinks. (Oh, and relax, the recipes are really simple.)

Layer upon layer of all-American lovin'.
Layer upon layer of all-American lovin'.

The Drink: The Independentini (a refreshing and lemoney ode to independence) The Place: Blue Hound Kitchen & CocktailsThe Brains: Kim W. The Recipe: 1 ounce fresh lemon juice 1 ounce simple syrup 2 ounces vodka .5 ounce raspberry syrup Shake lemon, simple syrup and vodka mixture. Pour raspberry syrup into martini glass before mixture. Garnish with Prosecco and blueberries  

O say can you Whiskey?
O say can you Whiskey?

The Drink: Old Town Sazerac (An American man's drink) The Place: Old Town WhiskeyThe Brains: Dave C. The Recipe: 3 ounces rye whiskey Splash of orange bitters Splash of simple syrup Stir Rinse glass with absinthe. Garnish with lemon rind.  

A margarita born north of the border.
A margarita born north of the border.

The Drink: The Freedomrita (Sweet, but not as sweet as freedom.) The Place: Gallo Blanco CafeThe Brains: Elisa N. The Recipe: .25 ounce Triple Sec .75 ounce tequila .5 ounce fresh squeezed orange juice .5 ounce fresh squeezed lime juice Splash of prickly pear puree Shake Garnish glass with salt and chili rim, wedge of lime.

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