Fry Girl Bites Into Wendy's New Bacon & Blue Burger

Fry Girl Bites Into Wendy's New Bacon & Blue Burger

Can you feel it? The grill smoke burning your eyes? The grease stinging your fingers? The pound, pound, pounding of the patties? There's a war going on out there, people. A burger war. And poor Wendy's has been taking on some heavy fire lately what with Burger King's Steakhouse and McDonald's Angus burgers dropping like bombs on her pigtailed head.

What's a freckle-faced, burger broad to do? Fight back with the new Bacon & Blue Burger -- an artillery of blue cheese crumbles, smoked bacon, sautéed onions, and steakhouse sauce. Will Mickey Dee's do a bacon back down? Will Burger King turn red over the blue cheese? Most importantly, is it any damn good? Find out in this week's Fry Girl review.

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