Fun New Book: The Geometry of Pasta

Fun New Book: The Geometry of Pasta

Ever wondered why Italians have come up with so many quirky shapes for pasta, or why they've given them so many whimsical names? 

​This clever, cute, and geeky book has all the answers you need, along with recipes on how to make them all. I've never made homemade pasta before, but now that I have The Geometry of Pasta, I'm excited to experiment. 

(And now, maybe I'll even attempt to make strozzapreti, which I already knew meant "priest stranglers" courtesy of FnB's Pavle Milic. Can't say I'll be able to make 'em as tasty as Charleen Badman does, but I'll try to channel her.)

According to author Caz Hildebrand, pairing the right pasta shape with the appropriate sauce is "the difference between pasta dishes that are merely ordinary and truly sublime."

​The recipes sound mouthwatering -- pappardelle (whose name is derived from a word in the Tuscan dialect, papparsi, which means to stuff oneself) with zucchini flowers, gnudi ("nudes") with lamb ragu, farfalle ("butterflies") with proscuitto and cream . . .

It's all very interesting reading, with charming graphics to boot. 

Not to mention, it's just 


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