Gallo Blanco's Doug Robson Won't Ditch the Rooster

Check out the fresh ink on chef Doug Robson.
Check out the fresh ink on chef Doug Robson.

Doug Robson, chef-owner of Gallo Blanco, had to give up his restaurant logo, but now there's one rooster that nobody can take away from him.

After wine giant E&J Gallo threatened a lawsuit over Robson's rooster motif at his hip Midtown Mexican eatery (whose name literally means "white rooster" in Spanish but is also Mexican slang for "white dude"), Robson had until the end of 2010 to ditch the feathered mascot. Litigation could have cost him $100,000, he figures. 

Now, Robson gets to keep the restaurant name but has to come up with a new logo.

The freshly inked rooster on his arm, however, won't budge.

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