The Scottsdale Princess
The Scottsdale Princess

Gary Koh's Scottsdale Princess

​Yesterday we met Gary Koh, Blue Martini's resident bartender, golfer and straight shooter --with upper-management written all over him. Today he shares the recipe for his original creation, the Scottsdale Princess.

"I call it that because it's a purple drink, and you know how these girls are in this town. They all think they're movie stars. I dedicated the drink to them."

It's sweet with a light tart kick, and is so girly I had to hand over a man card after I polished off the glass.

The ingredients:

1 ½ oz. Stolichnaya Raz (or other raspberry-flavored vodka)
½ oz. Watermelon liqueur
¼ oz Blue Curacao
Sweet and sour mix to fill
Splash 7-up
1 orchid

How to make it:

Pour liquid ingredients in an ice-filled shaker. Mix well. Strain into a martini glass. Top with orchid. Enjoy the sweet flavors mingled with feelings of daintiness and a sense of entitlement.


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