Geisha A Go Go Celebrates Hello Kitty This Weekend

As the proud owner of a Hello Kitty toaster, Hello Kitty coffee cups, a Hello Kitty eyelash curler (which I've never used, but hey, it's clear pink glitter plastic!), too many stickers, and decades' worth of miscellaneous cute Japanese cartoony stuff, I am officially declaring myself New Times' expert on the subject of said adorable cat.

So while I'd like to call out Geisha A Go Go for their glaring mistake on an email flyer they just sent out -- Kitty-chan just had her 35th anniversary, not her 50th, and I know this because I ate the commemorative candy (see photo at right) -- I also will give them props for their event this weekend.

They'll be giving half-price discounts on their Hello Kitty cocktails (Skyy citrus, Japanese strawberry soda, and fruit-infused sake) and donating proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Kampai to that! Read on to see the flyer:

Geisha A Go Go Celebrates Hello Kitty This Weekend

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