Hippopotamus Fritter Recipe from The Fresh Baked Freak; Pen and Fork Reviews The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfort

A round-up of tasty morsels from Valley food blogs.

We're so excited when we stumble upon a really great local food blog. We need more of them, people. And if you have one you've been keeping secret, please let us know. This one we found is smart, funny, healthy, delicious and interesting - and the blog's author is still in high school. Overachiever. Rachel describes her diet as a "flexo-vegan extraordinaire." We thought her post about Hippopotamus Fritters sounded outrageous and something we'll have to try on a night we're feeling particularly exotic.

Hippopotamus Fritters, also called Cucur Badak in Malaysia
Hippopotamus Fritters, also called Cucur Badak in Malaysia

We've been dying to get our hands on the new cookbook by acclaimed author Paula Wolfort, The Food of Morocco. Linda Avery shared her thoughts on this new Moroccan cuisine bible (528 pages worth) filled with foods like dates and preserved lemons (something we know quite a bit about already). Avery even shared one of the recipes - a chicken dish that's plate licking delicious. Head over to Pen and Fork for the review and recipe for Chicken Smothered with Tomato Jam.

Hey metro Phoenix eaters, if you have a food blog or know of one we've missed, leave word in the comments section.

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