How Sweet It Is! Sweets and Beats

This is the sort of darts I'd love to play.
This is the sort of darts I'd love to play.
Sloane Burwell

There's nothing like candy to release your inner 5 year old. From all day suckers to wickedly sour candies strong enough to make a grown-up wince, there's a sticky sweet treat to satisfy every taste bud. Nowadays, it seems like nostalgia reigns supreme as quirky candy from the good old days lines the shelves of local candy stores. Tune in for a trip around sugar lane as we visit three confectionary playgrounds.

Today's sweet shop: Sweets and Beats.

Hard candy for the old school DJ.
Hard candy for the old school DJ.
Sloane Burwell

Sweets and Beats 1504 NW Grand Ave Phoenix, AZ 85007 602-253-9258

Perhaps there's no more interesting store in the history of mashups than Sweets and Beats, a new spot on Grand Avenue next to Bikini Lounge. Specializing in vinyl (as in records, as opposed to floor covering) and candy, Sweets and Beats is a quirky happy place with enough irony for the most jaded hipster -- and memory-tripping confections for the rest of us.

This adorable spot sits in the a triangle shaped building that once housed the downtown outpost of the Scottsdale gallery Art One, in the same stretch that's still home to Bikini Lounge and Trunk Space. Now it's painted in eye-popping colors and dotted with funky local art, vintage furniture and old school accessories like box-sized overnight bags.

There's plenty of room inside for post-sugar-rush twirling, along with old school gag gifts to keep you giggling and record crates for perusing.

And speaking of sugar rushes and gag gifts, who doesn't love smurf-blue rock candy, stocked next to whoopee cushions. Or a whole wall display of Haribo gummis, hard candy buttons, and extra long candy necklaces placed next to a remote controlled fart machine. Yup, a remote controlled fart machine. Be sure and pick up a candy bar shaped like a potato, called the 'Idaho Spud', since it's practically a vegetable. Sweets and Beats is the kind of place where your inner child begs for release. Indulge them.

Whether it's a cherry bomb, a stink bomb, or a David Bowie 12-inch, you'll be skipping around in place in sugar-euphoria in no time.

A word to the wise - Sweets and Beats is all about the Benjamins. For now at least they are strictly cash only. Also, hours are limited. Check in on the S&B's Web site or give a call before you head out.

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