I Love This: Skillet Doux
Dominic Armato/skilletdoux.com

I Love This: Skillet Doux

If you haven't checked out Skillet Doux yet, you're really missing out on some good stuff.

Food blogger Dominic Armato, a Chicago native, moved to the Valley with his family five months ago, and turned his attention to local food culture.

No stranger to exquisite hole-in-the-wall places, he seeks out birria and Sonoran hot dogs with as much gusto as fine dining.

Armato is a thoughtful, expressive writer who documents his eating jaunts, travels, cooking adventures, and TV-watching sessions (Top Chef is analyzed extensively) in a personal way that feels like a letter from a smart, laid-back foodie friend who loves to share a slice of life.

(I somehow doubt Armato would call himself a "foodie," though -- instead, he endearingly calls himself a "food nerd." Which makes him that much cooler.)

Beyond being a fantastic read, Skillet Doux is beautiful eye candy. If I were handing out an award for food porn, Armato would get the trophy.

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