Into the Soup's Heidi Lee Heads to TV

Local radio host Heidi Lee has welcomed me into the studio as a frequent guest on her Saturday afternoon food talk show, Into the Soup (2 to 3 p.m., 1100 AM) and it's been great fun chit-chatting about restaurants and food culture over the radio waves.

And while that's not going away -- I'll be on with her again, this Saturday -- Lee has just expanded her mini-empire to a realm where this anonymous, faceless restaurant critic doesn't dare to venture: television.

(I suppose I could come on with a paper bag over my head, though, a la The Unknown Comic from the Gong Show.)

Lee's new weekly show takes place Thursday mornings, on The McMahon Group on AZTV7/Cable 13. She tells me that tomorrow, around 9:15 or so, she'll be on with guest chef Eddie Matney.

Last week's debut featured chef Joshua Hebert from POSH, who makes sous vide fried chicken -- you can check it out, along with previous episodes of Lee's radio show, on Into the Soup's website.

Look out, Food Network!


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