The spread at Iruna's happy hour.
The spread at Iruna's happy hour.
Erica O'Neil

Iruna: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Iruña, 7217 E First Street, Scottsdale, 480-398-3020

The Hours: La Hora Feliz is celebrated every day of the week at Iruña, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

The Details: Sangria or a Smirnoff-based beverage will run you 3 bucks, while wine, specialty cocktails, and martinis are priced at 5 to 6 dollars. Ten tapas are available for nibbling at a discounted price of 4 to 5 bucks.

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The Interior: Iruña is almost like two different restaurants, the indoor dining area full of old world Spanish charm, and the sleek, modern patio area. The bar chairs looked a little uncomfortable, so we opted for the patio, which had an urban, mid-century modern vibe. The aged tile patio framed (classy) astroturf cut-outs and plenty of bench seating in bright colors warmed the room. If you decide to sit inside, plenty of tables, horseshoe booths and a long communal high-top table are available in addition to bar seating. Just make sure to test those funky bar stools out before making your decision!

The Cost: Three tapas, a mojito and a blueberry vodka bevvy rang in at $21 before tax and tip.

The Conclusion: Iruña has all the delicious tapas that Sol y Sombra was known for, but in a much more central location. The décor is spot on with a modern, Spanish vibe, and the drinks and happy hour nibbles are priced right for the after work crowd to unwind.

The gazpacho ($4), goat cheese croquettes ($4), and clams with artichokes ($5) were the perfect size for sharing between two people. The croquettes were the fanciest fried cheese sticks we've ever seen on a happy hour menu, and the clams were surprisingly ample for the price point. They were fresh, juicy and accompanied by a delicious broth for lapping up with the crusty bread pieces. The gazpacho was a little bit on the spicy side, but the vegetables tasted incredibly fresh and were blended until silky smooth.

Awesome tapas aside, the drink specials offered were also a big winner. That is, provided you aren't looking for a cold beer after work. Mojitos, martinis, flavored vodka and specialty cocktails were available at reduced prices, and they helpfully provided the up-charge ($2) in case you wanted to make one of your flavored vodka choices into a fancy martini. The sangria was also delicious, and at $3 a glass, we could easily waste away the afternoon at Iruña!

Overall Grade: A-


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