Josh Hebert Makes Japanese Street Food for Late-Night Dining at Posh

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Josh Hebert, chef-owner of Posh Improvisational Cuisine knows more about Japanese street food than the average gaijin. After all, he's a chef (which means he pays attention), and he lived in Tokyo for a year, eating his way through every food stall and ramen-ya in the city.

Last summer, he showed off his Japanese cooking skills at Cycle (the pop-up restaurant at the Lexington Hotel downtown), and now, it seems, he's got a yen to do it again.

Here's the plan:

What: Japanese street food favorites -- ramen and okonomiyaki (a savory cross between an omelet and a pancake, often containing shrimp and vegetables). Hebert will make them to order, so ingredient adjustments are possible.

Where: Posh Restaurant in the Optima Camelview, 7167 E. Rancho Vista Drive, Scottsdale

When: 10 p.m. to midnight Thursday, September 6

How Much: $10 ramen, $10 okonomiyaki + drink specials

What Else: No reservations necessary. For additional information, call 480-663-7674

One more thing: "Okono" in Japanese translates to "what you like," so okonomiyaki is a humble but delicious, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink affair, often making use of leftovers in the fridge. Cooked on a griddle ("yaki" means "grilled"), the pancake is usually topped with a drizzle of mayo, Bulldog sauce (Japan's answer to A-1), pickled ginger and katsuobushi (shaves of dried bonito fish).

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