La-Dee-Dahs at Smeeks

La-Dee-Dahs at Smeeks

Are you sensing a pattern here? As in, my obsession with sweet, edible, funny things? Oh yes, it's bad. Don't believe me? I'm writing this as I sit next to a melted LP vinyl dish full of chocolate-filled Hello Kitty marshmallows. But that's not what I wanted to tell you about. My latest find comes courtesy of nostalgic candy shop Smeeks.

La-Dee-Dahs at Smeeks

These La-Dee-Dahs salted caramels came in a charming box that instructed me, "Spoil Your Dinner." How could I argue? I ate all three of the soft little swirls in one short sitting, smiling back at the package. This is candy to stock up on. 

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