Local Police and Fire Fighters to Compete in Burger Eating Competition at Hard Rock Cafe

Get ready to see cops and fire fighters duke it out burger style.
Get ready to see cops and fire fighters duke it out burger style.
Nick Perrone/Flickr

If you can't pick whether you're team fire department or team police department, head to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Phoenix on Saturday to decide once and for all. As part of the Burger Badge Bash, pit members from both departments will chow down on as many 10 ounce Legendary Burgers as they can stomach all in the name of glory and bragging rights.

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The Guns & Hoses Legendary Burger Eating Contest will pit fire and police crews against one another this Saturday beginning at 2 p.m. However, members of those departments, as well as EMTs, can also stop in for a 71-cent 10-ounce burger anytime beginning at 11 a.m. All they have to do is show their badge and order.

The 71-cent price is an homage to the restaurant's founding year: 1971. Since then, the company says its mantra is to "Love All" and "Serve All." The event is meant to pay back those who serve the community. While only police, fire, and EMT workers can receive special burger pricing, all are welcome to watch the burger eating contest.

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