Low calories, high steaks

Q. I'm looking for teppanyaki in Chandler, preferably near the new mall.

A. The new Hon macHi Grill (yes, that's its name) is just north of Chandler Fashion Center at 3450 West Chandler Boulevard. The chefs fire up the teppanyaki tables for dinner, with choices like calamari, chicken, shrimp and New York strip steak.

Q. Does anyone have healthful food that still tastes like real food?

A. I'm happy with how flavorful the health food is at the new Soma, on the northwest corner of Tatum and Shea in Phoenix. Dishes include nutritional breakdowns for protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and calories. A breakfast of turkey apple sage scramble has just 325 calories; a lunch of grilled salmon on flatbread has 364 calories; and a dinner of banana-leaf-wrapped sea bass has only 392 calories.

Q. I've heard that there's a new steak house coming to the Biltmore area. What is it?

A. The Capital Grille is joining the packed crowd of steak salons we've already got. The Zagat-lauded chain restaurant is in Biltmore Fashion Park, but won't open for another month or so. Steaks are dry-aged for 14 days, and there's a broad selection of seafood.


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