Start with jalapeno slices
Start with jalapeno slices
Carol Blonder

Mark Barreto, True Food Kitchen: Sun Warrior Recipe

Yesterday, we chatted with Mark Barreto from True Food, about organic booze and the fine art of drinking your veggies. Today we bring you his recipe for the Sun Warrior.

Sun Warrior
3 slices, Fresh jalapeno
1.5 oz Square 1 Vodka
1.5 oz fresh pineapple juice
1.5 oz fresh pink grapefruit juice
Squeeze of agave nectar
Ice for shaking (True Food Kitchens ice is made from highly filtered water)

Begin with placing 2-3 jalapeno slices in the bottom of a martini glass.

The Shake
The Shake
Carol Blonder

Combine vodka, pineapple and pink grapefruit juices in a glass. Add ice to shaker with vodka mix, and a squeeze of agave nectar. Shake.

Pour drink mixture into martini glass and top additional jalapeno slice.

Here's to your health!


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