Maui Dog on the Move: Possible Relocation of Original and Second Location Being Discussed

Had a Maui Dog burger yet? Might want to try one.
Had a Maui Dog burger yet? Might want to try one.
Maui Dog
Maui Dog

Maui Dog, the colorful eatery of island-inspired dogs, burgers, and sliders on Indian School Road and 36th Street in Central Phoenix, may be looking for a new home after just one year -- thanks to his rent situation.

Maui Dog owner John Stamatakis says he's looking for a new location in the event a rent increase becomes a reality.

"I'd hate to move, I feel like people are just getting to know me. But if I have to, I'd like to stay around this area," Stamatakis says.

Maybe that's because he's got his sights on a possible second location elsewhere.

Stamatakis tells me a new investor has approached him and wants to open a second location of Maui Dog -- most likely in Scottsdale.

"It's very exciting," he says. "I'll be able to go back and forth between both places."

The second Maui Dog location is yet to be announced, but Stamatakis says he's getting closer on finalizing a site.

Details to come.

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