Do not attempt while driving.
Do not attempt while driving.

Mobile Espresso Maker Is Your New Favorite Mobile Espresso Maker

Buzzing insects, varying temperatures -- STRANGER DANGER -- the world's a scary place outside the soothing, controlled comforts of the inside of one's automobile, especially when it comes to leaving it to procure an espresso.

Fear not, coffee fiends and car lovers, Handpresso Auto has come up with the mobile espresso maker, where having an espresso means never having to leave your car (stop driving it, yes, leave it, no.)

Pros: it fits in the cup holder, plugs into the cigarette lighter, and works at the touch of a button. Cons: Two-minute wait time (hello, NOW PLEASE) and a possible case of some serious java jitters while operating a motorized vehicle. (Note to everyone: PULL. THE HELL. OVER.)

Plus, according to Handpresso Auto's promotional video, the experience is more than just caffeine.

World travel, hot chicks, and daydreams on a country road make owning the Handpresso Auto espresso maker different than any other -- so says the company's video below, kinda.

To get yours, you'll need 149.00 euros, which roughly translates to around two hundred American dollars, and this website (warning: FRENCH.)

Beep, beep -- sip, sip!



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