New Cajun Restaurant Opens in Avondale

A new Cajun restaurant in town? Now that's something you don't hear about very often. Cajun food is far too elusive in the Valley.

Jennifer Landry Goff and Calvin Goff thought so, too. The couple moved to Arizona with their family in 1990, and after many years of dreaming about it, they finally opened their own restaurant, Flavors of Louisiana, last month. Their daughter, Holli Muth, helps out there, too, and was kind enough to send me a copy of the menu: fla_take_out_menu_rev2.pdf

It looks affordable, and they serve classics like gumbo, po-boys, and jambalaya. Check them out at 13025 W. Rancho Santa Fe Blvd. in Avondale; call 623-935-2357 for more info. -- Michele Laudig


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