New in Scottsdale: Lao Thai

New in Scottsdale: Lao Thai

Could Thai food possibly get any more popular? The last few years have seen a boom in Thai food across the Valley, and still more new restaurants are opening their doors.

The newest is Lao Thai, which opened last week in the former Kam's Garden space on Scottsdale Road at Oak (2200 N. Scottsdale Rd). I stopped by for a cheap, quick lunch of musamun curry, which had a delicious spicy flavor tempered with coconut milk. The sauce could've been a little thicker, but I liked the tenderness of the beef. As an aesthetic bonus, the carrots were shaped like flowers, the potatoes had scalloped edges, and there was a pretty garnish made from shaved daikon and carrot.

New in Scottsdale: Lao Thai

The Thai iced tea was irresistibly sweet with condensed milk, served in a huge glass that made me think of a Big Gulp.

New in Scottsdale: Lao Thai

A light, peppery vegetable soup and crisp spring roll with chili sauce were included in the $7.50 lunch special.  

New in Scottsdale: Lao Thai

From the looks of the dining room, these folks did a major makeover of the space -- the walls are now a fresh, buttery shade, and the booths have crisp upholstery.

As expected, the dinner menu has a slew of options, from papaya salad to stir-fries to curry. A few interesting items include "in-law eggs" (crispy, deep-fried hard-boiled eggs stuffed with ground chicken and pork, onion, and green onions), Thai omelet stuffed with ground chicken, pork, and vegetables, pumpkin curry, and duck noodle soup.

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