New Stout-Specific Beer Glass Released By Left Hand Brewing

This curious glass design is supposed to maximize your stout drinking experience.
This curious glass design is supposed to maximize your stout drinking experience.
Courtesy of Left Hand Brewing Co.

With 90-degree temperatures looming in next week's forecast, the season for sipping heavy, flavorful stouts is almost over. In fact, at a recent trip to Lost Leaf, several of the dark beers were sold out, further cementing the fact that it's time to switch to IPAs, Hefes, and Pilsners. Just in time for the last of the stout season, Left Hand Brewing Co., in conjunction with Rogue Ales, released a brand new stout-specific beer glass to help its fans get the full effect when drinking the brews.

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According to the brewery, the glass helps you fully enjoy the flavor, scent, and aesthetics of a stout, such as Left Hand's ridiculously smooth and chocolatey Nitro Milk Stout. The rounded section helps deliver aromatic elements of the foam during sips, as well as providing "superior flow to mid palate" which helps reveal the complexity of taste and texture of a stout. The more angular section is intended to provide "dramatic visual cascading effect" when the beer is poured.

The glass was developed by brew experts from Rogue and Left Hand, along with a glassware expert from Reidel, through a series of yearlong workshops and hundreds of glassware trials. You can buy your own stout glass for $9 on the Left Hand Brewing Co. website.

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