New Xtreme Grind Java Joint Opens in Chandler

New Xtreme Grind Java Joint Opens in Chandler
Xtreme Air Jump and Skate Park

This Saturday, June 4 marks the Grand Opening of Xtreme Air Jump n' Skate Park, a new 34,000-square-foot indoor skateboarding and parkour venue at Pecos & McQueen in Chandler.

To give parents something to do while their kids are thrashing and grinding the rails, the owners opted to include a gourmet coffee bar appropriately called Xtreme Grind (no relation to Matt McLinn's coal-fired burger joint, though that would be epic).

The new java stop will carry a few kid-friendly nibbles such as pizza, chicken nuggets and mini corn dogs, plus espresso shots, mint mochas, caramel lattes, chai, smoothies and a host of other non-alcoholic beverages to keep everyone lubed up. A tagged mural and jazzy purple and hot pink color palette bring a little bit of '80s-inspired urban skateboard punk to the space.

Get your caffeine and skate fix 3-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to midnight on Friday & Saturday, and noon to 6 pm on Sunday.

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