Nine Baked Goods in Metro Phoenix to Pre-Order for Your Christmas Table

Nine Baked Goods in Metro Phoenix to Pre-Order for Your Christmas Table
The Bakery Café at el Pedregal

With all of the baking that has to be done during the Christmas season -- from cookie exchanges and decorating to making gifts and serving guests -- it can be nice (and necessary) to take a break. Ensure that everything on your holiday table for breakfast, dinner, and dessert is special by getting a little help from these nine local bakeries.

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Traditional Bûche de Noël from The Bakery Café at el Pedregal

When it comes to Christmas dessert, there's nothing more suited to the occasion than the Yule log, or Bûche de Noël. The Bakery Café nearby The Boulders resort is baking one with chocoholics in mind: dark chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate buttercream. To top it all off, candied cranberries add an extra festive look and flavor. The cake will serve 8 to 10 people and is available now through Christmas Eve. Call 480-488-4100 to order.

Brioche from Giant Coffee

Nine Baked Goods in Metro Phoenix to Pre-Order for Your Christmas Table
Dominique Chatterjee

There's something magical about the holidays, and there's something magical about this brioche -- so the two a perfect match. If you've ever stopped by Giant Coffee for a cup o' Joe, you've most likely had this artisanal specialty call to you from the pastry case. The super soft bread has a prominent yeast flavor and can be filled with practically anything, including mixed berries and Nutella banana. The dough is artfully twisted over the filling for a traditional presentation that will put a smile on even the most Grinch-like of guests' faces.

Choco-dipped Gingerbread Sticks from Karl's Quality Bakery

Does your family celebrate the holidays with traditional European touches? Be sure to stop by this bakery run by Karl, who hails from snowy Switzerland. With a sharp ginger bite, warm winter spice, and a coating of dark chocolate, this version of gingerbread -- an ideal balance between sugar and spice -- will become a fast favorite at your family table despite the absence of a head to fiendishly bite off. Karl's also has zimtsterne, pfeffernusse, stolen, fruit cake, Yule logs, plain cookies perfect for a decorating party, and gingerbread house kits baked in-house.

Pan Dulce from La Purisima Pasteleria

If you need a simple baked good to round out your holiday selection (and please even the pickiest of eaters), stop by La Purisima in Glendale. This plain but delicious pastry is perfect to enjoy in the morning with coffee as you gather around the tree, or after dinner as a light dessert. The melt-in-your-mouth cochinitos (gingerbread pigs) are also highly recommended and are a great choice for the kids' table. Call 623-842-1400 to order, and be prepared upon pick-up because this bakery is cash only.

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies from Urban Cookies Bakeshop

You can't go wrong with ordering anything from Urban Cookies Bakeshop, the Cupcake Wars winner that uses all organic ingredients. But this time of year, the hands-down seasonal favorite is a simple chocolate peppermint cookie. We also recommend the full-flavored ginger molasses bread, buttery roasted pear brown sugar shortbread, and well, anything else you're in the mood for when you place your order by calling 602-451-4335.

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